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Small Group & personal training in austin, tx

Kilter Fitness offers a variety of training options that are structured to meet the needs of all types of clients. Whether you prefer the camaraderie and cost savings of a small group or the privacy and personalization of 1-on-1 training, we will work to find the program that is perfect for you.

Personalized training Plans

Every person is different, and every day presents a new challenge. At Kilter Fitness, all programming is designed with these thoughts in mind. This means that, regardless of what type of training you choose, your daily workout will be adjusted to meet your changing needs. 

1 on 1 personal training

At Kilter Fitness, we believe in the personal side of personal training, and 1-on-1 training gives us the opportunity to design a program that is perfectly personal to you. Starting with a complete evaluation of your current fitness situation, we discuss your goals and build a system that will get you from where you are to where you want to be. Understanding that there is rarely a straight line between these points, your programming will be constantly adjusted to meet your changing fitness needs. 


Small Group Personal Training Programs

Small group training is an excellent way get and stay in shape at a fraction of the cost of personal training, but that doesn’t mean we don’t take a personal approach to every workout. Although these groups have up to 6 people, the workouts are completely scalable to meet the needs and abilities of the individual. The small size of the group and the flexibility of the programming allows for clients of a wide range of fitness abilities to workout together in a positive and encouraging environment. 

We have a number of established groups that you can join, or you can create your own group of friends and family.



5-Star Strength Training Groups

Our most aggressive option, 5-Star is a strength training group that meets 5 days / week. With daily workouts during the week, this program cycles through your body’s different energy systems to build functional strength that applies to all sports and activities.
Although in a group setting, each workout is scaled to the individual through a daily conversation between you and your coach.


nutrition counseling services

Regardless of what type of training program you choose, nutrition is going to play a big role in your success. There is a ton of information out there on the subject, much of which is conflicting and confusing. We’re going to sort through all of that to help you develop a dietary plan that is perfect for you.  Fad diets come and go, but sustainable nutrition based on balanced meals and real food is the key long-term success. We’re going to work together with your dietary restrictions and preferences as guides to finding a nutritional routine that will help you build and maintain a happy, healthy body. Given that bad foods are overwhelmingly abundant and that information on healthy eating is frustratingly confusing, nutritional counseling comes complimentary with all types of training programs. We’ll discuss real-world ways to eat well and offer some revolutionary ideas on how to simplify the entire process.


cardio training programs

Cardio is so important that we give away for free! All fitness goals require a cardiovascular fitness component, so we’re going to help you develop a cardio program that’s right for you. Whether you’re needing to melt some fat, prepare for an athletic endeavor, or just keep your heart healthy, we’ll get you on the road to success. There are a lot of options when it comes to cardio, and we’re well versed in pretty much all of them. The key is to find a modality that works with your experiences and preferences, then set a schedule to get it done at appropriate levels of intensity. So if you want to run a marathon, we know how to get you ready with runs from the gym and a variety of run groups around the city. If the bicycle is your preferred way to burn calories, we can help you select a cycling group that is most appropriate for you; we’ll also help you shop for the right bike. Cardio comes is all shapes and sizes, and we’ll help you find what works best for you.


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Client Testimonials

I’ve just finished my first month with Tony. I go five days a week, which I thought was an insane schedule when it was first mentioned to me, but it’s been pretty awesome. For the last few years I’ve participated in a twice/week boot camp at work: unfortunately over the last year a nagging shoulder pain developed into a full blown injury. Tony has been instrumental in allowing me to keep ramping up my fitness while getting my shoulder rehabbed and back to normal. I don’t really know what I expected when I started this program, but it’s been even better than I had hoped! Val R.

I’ve been working out with Tony since 2009 and I feel healthier than I have ever been! I may not be thinner (as I was in my 20’s) but definitely stronger and toner than before. The thing I love about Tony is that he doesn’t make you feel self conscious about not having the perfect body. He is simply there to help you become the best version of yourself possible. He genuinely cares. The gym is a wonderful atmosphere that is comfortable and non-intimidating. I would have never considered myself to be a person that works out with a personal trainer but I am so glad I do because it’s the only workout routine I’ve ever stuck with. And I always know I’m in good hands and won’t do anything to hurt myself (which is a big deal when you’re in your 40’s). A few years ago my son was getting bullied in school and Tony was so concerned he agreed to help him with some strengthening and self defense maneuvers. My son now works out with him a few times a month and absolutely loves it! It’s wonderful to see my son so happy and confident again. I don’t consider Tony just my trainer – he is truly a part of my family. Mafel M.

If you really want to get in to shape and not hurt yourself, this is the best place to go. I worked out with Tony for over 5 years. He’s helped me get rid of shin splints, recover from two knee surgeries, and drop more than 40 pounds of fat and get in the best shape of my life, and I’m not even in my 20s anymore. Working out at Kilter fitness is the best thing I’ve done for my health in a long time. I highly recommend you give him a call and go in for a consult. He’ll have an honest conversation about you and what you need to accomplish your goals. I’ve met many of his clients and he’s helped everyone from very overweight people to ultra marathoners. Just don’t blame me when you’re sore the next day. It’s all for the greater good. Paul F.


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