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Success as a Personal Trainer does not come easily, and your certification does not properly prepare you for life in the industry. We help bridge the gap between Certification and Success.

Kilter Fitness Career Consulting is the perfect way to start you life in the fitness industry with a huge advantage to trainers who end their education with a certification. We use that education as a foundation to build successful, sustainable careers by adding a great deal of advanced exercise theory and tools to identify and correct musculoskeletal dysfunctions before they turn into injuries. The next step is a proven marketing system that will give you the confidence and skills to effectively and ethically attract new clients. As your career kicks off, we offer continued support to help you build your business and deal with the challenges new clients and their changing fitness demands.

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Life as a personal trainer gives you a great deal of freedom and independence, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Working directly with a successful gym owner, strength coach, and award-winning fitness educator to build and develop your business gives you the tools to thrive in a very competitive market. Too many trainers fail early in their career because they’re not prepared for the demands of the job, but the techniques taught in this program are a proven blueprint for success.

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Client Testimonials

My internship with Tony was the most effective part of my certification training. He taught truly practical skills such as how to set up a training plan for a client, how to write balanced workouts with a variety of equipment, basic nutritional counselling for clients, and excellent cues for a variety of exercises. The things I learned during the internship I continue to put into practice every day in my coaching.

Beth Reyburn

Dave's Body Shop

When I first became certified, I was very apprehensive. “How do I know what to do for someone who I’ve never worked with?” “What do I do if they ask me a question I don’t know the answer to?” Although I had a certificate telling me I was a trainer, I felt far from one. That’s where working with Tony changed my career. Being his intern trainer, he made me feel comfortable working with actual clients and, more importantly, confident in my own skills. That is something that no textbook or study guide can teach you, but something that ultimately needs to be developed to become a good trainer.

Feng Lu

LA Fitness

The internship I completed with Tony at Kilter Fitness has been one of the most valuable experiences I’ve implemented in my training. Tony helped me set myself apart from just getting a certification to being able to apply the knowledge in real scenarios. I would absolutely recommend to anyone starting their fitness career or even those who already have some experience.

Monica Cazares

UT RecSports


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