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What You Get with tony

At Kilter Fitness, you get the expertise of a true fitness professional. Whether you choose private 1-on-1 training or small group fitness sessions, you get the full attention of a professional who has dedicated his life to sharing the benefits of fitness with others.

Personal training

At Kilter Fitness we believe in the personal side of personal training.
We start with a complete, honest evaluation of your current fitness situation. Then we discuss your goals, even if you don’t have a clear idea of what those are for you. Armed with all that information, we design a program specifically for you that works with your schedule and your budget. As your fitness state changes, so does your program. Your workouts will be constantly adapted to your changing needs. personal training is the foundation of Kilter Fitness, and we work tirelessly to make sure clients stay Strong and Healthy.

Fitness Career Consulting Services

Being a fitness professional is not easy, and your certification does not completely prepare you for life in the industry. Working directly with an award-winning fitness educator and gym owner is an excellent way to learn what it takes to be successful. Kilter Fitness consulting begins with an immersive practicum that will first help you develop the tools that will make you an expert trainer, then give you the confidence and skills to effectively and ethically attract and keep clients.

what Clients are Saying

Client Testimonials

Tony is super awesome at what he does! I had some health issues that prevented me from completing certain types of workouts. Tony was incredibly knowledgeable of my ailments and provided custom workouts to fit my specific needs. I highly recommend his services!

Noelle L.

Kilter Fitness is a great place for older folks too. I’m in my late 60’s, and Tony has been my trainer for 6 years. I know that my ability to be as active and flexible as I am are due to his skills. I’m not exaggerating when I say I feel better now than when I was in my 40’s. Carefully consider how you want to age, and remember inactivity makes for a really bad time later in life.

Larry W.

This place is changing my life for the better. I never thought I could afford private training and appreciate the structure and systems he has in place that allows me to keep this as a long time priority in my life. I am so grateful to be working with Tony and discover the power, strength, and healthy body within.

Jill L.


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