Meet our Trainers

Tony Thomas Co-Owner/Trainer

is a former pro-athlete, master-level fitness trainer, and an award-winning fitness educator.

Growing up in Texas, Tony first began his fitness career racing road bikes when he was fourteen years old. He won a state championship in 1990 and from there, Tony shifted his focus to the fairly obscure sport of tournament paintball. As the sport moved from the woods to the arenas, the need for increased athletic ability pushed Tony to start training smarter and more effectively. While racking up a variety of state and national championships in his paintball career, Tony continued studying fitness and its functional application to sport and life. After retiring from the sport in 2005, Tony became a full-time fitness professional and continues to enjoy the benefits of an athletic lifestyle through a variety of sports.

With decades of experience in a variety of sports and fitness arenas, Tony begins with the idea that, all the things being equal, stronger is better. Starting with quality movements, Tony builds strength in a functional way that allows for increased performance and quality of life.

Abby Bontempo Co-Owner/Trainer 

Grew up in Austin, Texas, where she spent most of her time at her families business NeWorlDeli. She played sports all her life, but truely fell in love with fitness at the end of highschool to the point she wanted to make it her career. She is a University of Texas Kinesiology graduate with a specialization in personal training, and a ACE certified personal trainer.  She is passionate about helping others create healthy lifestyles. Her style is a mix of weight training and function fitness to help the body move better, and be stronger. She works with all fitness levels from beginners learning to properly squat, to athletes preparing for their sport. 




Giovanni Trainer

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Giovanni moved to Austin in 2015 to attend the University of Texas. He received his Bachelors degree in Biology with a particular emphasis in Nutrition, Physiology, Anatomy. While there, he suffered a serious back injury while lifting weights, which made him realize the importance of incorporating injury prevention strategies into training programs. So, after graduating and gaining his training certification, he pursued a corrective exercise specialization, and volunteered in various physical therapy settings to gain a better understanding of the subject. Since then, he has worked with all types of clients to reach a variety of different goals, ranging from severe weight loss, to improving mobility for basic everyday activities. His mission is to help people reach their goals in a safe and effective manner that at the same time preserves their body.

Hector Gonzales Kickboxing Coach
Hector is an expert in Jun Fan Gung Fu and Jeet Kune Do techniques as well as Filipino Martial Arts including Kali stick fighting and empty hand combat. He has trained extensively under the Inosanto branch of combatives for the past 13 years. He offers class every Friday 6:30-7:30pm. The Kickboxing class will be a blend of several of these styles and techniques with an uptempo pace. While the curriculum will vary from week to week, there will always be an emphasis on correct technique, having a great work out, and most importantly, having fun! 


The Kilter Fitness gym

Kilter Fitness is conveniently located in the Midtown Commons complex right off of Lamar and Airport Blvd. in North Austin, TX.

Being a minimalist fitness facility, we focus on the movement of the human body rather than using machines that build muscles in isolation. We build functional strength through ground-based exercises that focus on quality mechanics and healthy movements.

Using a combination of old school weights like, barbells, dumbbells, & kettlebells, and new school application of body weight resistance like TRX and GHD, we are able to build beautiful bodies that are prepared for any athletic endevour.


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